Anafi & Olympia

With two separate destinations, Anafi and Olympia, NOMAS 15 is for the first-time publishing two issues, sold together, which displace conventional ideas of traveling.

NOMAS Anafi makes a journey in the mind of a single person to portray Anafi solely through the eyes of the world-renowned artist Dimitris Papaioannou. The issue is a perpetual dialogue with the human body, and on a second level, with water and nature. A unique island approached in a unique way.

NOMAS Olympia explores the Common Grounds between ancient civilization and technology. Between nobleness, beauty, simplicity, and augmented reality.
Influenced by Microsoft’s new digital platform on Olympia.
A new journey through past and present is about to begin at the place where ideas of solidarity and athleticism were first combined to give birth to the Olympic Games.